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Trip to Uganda, Malawi Focused on Advocacy for Women and Girls


The following is a press release from CBF partner, PASSPORT, Inc. Learn more at 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — An expert in working with victims’ advocates of trauma and gender-based violence, Shauw Chin Capps, Executive Director of Hopeful Horizons and CBF Moderator, is traveling to Uganda and Malawi with Passport Vice President, Colleen Burroughs, to offer her unique skill-set to refugee women.

As the founder of Watering Malawi, Burroughs often travels to Malawi to check on the organization’s clean water, sanitation, and irrigation projects, most of which receive funding from PASSPORT campers and their church communities.

An additional stop at Refuge and Hope International in Uganda helps make the trip even more noteworthy. Here, Burroughs and Capps will experience and assist in the work of CBF field personnel Missy Ward-Angalla and Shelah and Jade Acker.

The pair will head up a retreat for graduates of Refuge and Hope’s shelter program, many of whom lost their entire family and arrived in Uganda alone. Burroughs will lead the retreat’s devotional elements as well as meet with Refuge and Hope’s youth leadership team. Capitalizing on Capps’ counseling expertise, the retreat seeks to help these graduates build resiliency as they continue to heal from traumatic experiences.

“I have, for many years, admired the work done at Refuge and Hope International. To be able to personally witness their ministry is a blessing I’m grateful for,” Capps said. “As moderator of CBF, I’m beyond excited to visit our very own field personnel. Their ministry to refugees embodies CBF’s mission distinctives of cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ and seeking transformational development among people and places otherwise forgotten and forsaken.”

After a week in Uganda, the duo will travel to Malawi to check on Watering Malawi’s sponsored work, which totals almost $1 million after a decade of fundraising. Capps will present a workshop for those advocating on behalf of women and girls affected by gender-based violence.

“The work of access to clean water in Malawi is closely connected to the empowerment of women and girls. So, this makes so much sense,” said Burroughs. “Being able to provide Shauw Chin’s level of expertise to Malawian professionals is a rare and beautiful opportunity.”

Social media updates of their trip can be followed at Watering Malawi on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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