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CBF’s Paynter joins women faith leaders to ‘cry out for immigrant children’ at U.S.-Mexico border


June 29, 2018

By Aaron Weaver

MCALLEN, TEXAS — CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter joined a group of prominent Christian women clergy June 26-28 in cities along the U.S.-Mexico border to advocate on behalf of families who have been separated due to the “zero tolerance” immigration policy of the Trump Administration.

Paynter formed a ‘prayer chain’ with the women faith leaders around the McAllen Station Processing Center on Wednesday in McAllen, Texas, in a show of solidarity with these separated families. The delegation joined together in prayer for the women and children who have been detained and separated from one another, as well as all immigrants crossing the border hoping to secure safe passage and asylum.


CBF Executive Coordinator Suzii Paynter speaks at border wall alongside other women faith leaders. Faith in Public Life Photo.

“In Exodus, the midwives are ordered by Pharaoh to destroy children, and they say, ‘No!’…It is not in our faith, it is not in God’s heart to separate families. Today, remember the wailing of mothers and the cries of their children,” Paynter said.

The delegation also visited a Catholic Charities respite center in McAllen where families released from Customs and Border Protection detention centers come to prepare for the next part of their journey.


Photo from the border town of Tornillo, Texas, where the delegation visited a detention center housing young children and teenagers. Courtesy of Faith in Public Life.

Watch the Facebook livestream video of the prayer chain here. View photos and read social media coverage of the #FaithOnTheBorder delegation here.

Paynter and the delegation participated in events on June 26 at a court house in El Paso where parents are being arraigned, as well as in the small border town of Tornillo where many children are being detained.

While standing in front of the border wall in Tornillo, Paynter shared a message in a video shared on social media.

“This wall behind me is steel. It is tall. It is strong and it is intended now, with the capricious policy built on the backs of children, to separate mothers and children, families from their children,” Paynter said. “I stand at this wall today and remember Jesus standing himself at the wall, the wall of Jerusalem, calling out and saying ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Oh if I could bring you together like a hen gathers her chicks.’ He was lamenting for the deafness of the city against the word of God.”

Paynter also took part alongside CBF leaders in a prayer vigil on June 24 in Brownsville, Texas. The group of Cooperative Baptists gathered near the U.S.-Mexico border and declared “not on our watch” to forces that use children’s freedom as a deterrent to parents who seek safety for their daughters and sons in the United States.

They prayed, read Scripture and sang while standing beside the largest immigrant detention center in the country, which houses more than 1,000 children and teenagers. Fellowship Southwest, a new regional network of CBF, organized the vigil in partnership with eight other groups concerned for immigrants. They sought justice for more than 2,300 children separated from their parents by “zero tolerance” policy.


The women clergy left notes of prayer and compassion for the families seeking asylum on the border wall in Tornillo. Faith in Public Life Photo.

“We are awash in global migration,” Paynter said at the prayer vigil. “The image of God in each child brings us to a point of remorse for the separation of these children—children of promise.”

Christians must hold a paradoxical tension—“be the people of God in a world of laws,” she added. “We can do both.”

Paynter’s trip to the border comes following a June 18 statement from her and other CBF leaders decrying the unjust separation of children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border and the misappropriation of the Gospel to support it.

“The policy of ripping children from the arms of parents is outrageous, and quoting Scripture in its defense is heinous,” Paynter said. “While it is necessary to control the flow of immigrants and refugees into the country, the use of tactics meant to traumatize and inflict irreparable harm to children and their parents is un-American and certainly do not appear anywhere in the Bible I read.”

Paynter will share about her experiences advocating on behalf of immigrant children and families at the U.S.-Mexico border on a special July 2 episode of the CBF Podcast. Subscribe and listen at


*All photos courtesy of Faith in Public Life


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5 thoughts on “CBF’s Paynter joins women faith leaders to ‘cry out for immigrant children’ at U.S.-Mexico border

  1. I am totally against this stance of CBF and have stopped contributing as a result. This issue has been made into a political issue, not a humanitarian one, and photos have been falsified (such as the “child in a cage” who was the child of a protester there and the child on the cover of Time magazine). Children are separated from parents on a regular basis due to unfortunate circumstances such as incarceration. The only reason any parents were separated from their children is because they were not following U.S. immigration law. There is a procedure to enter this country legally, and individuals from countries all around the world have been bullying the United States by sending women and children (or them coming on their own.) We cannot take in the entire population of the rest of the world who live in unfortunate circumstances. Nobody is “ripping children from their parents.” Women coming here with their children know they are breaking U.S. law. The hyperbole surrounding this issue by the open borders supporters has been unbelievable. Verses from hundreds of years ago cannot be used to force open immigration on the U.S. today. We are a country of immigrants, yes, but we are also a country of laws and citizenship. Over 1200 murders and 600,000 felonies have been committed in Texas alone in the last five years. The cost of illegal immigration is a tremendous burden on the American taxpayer – they do NOT cover the costs they incur by the few taxes they pay. I am for immigration – but legal immigration and for individuals who add to the skill basis of the country, not those who are sucking it dry. It is clear that CBF is now openly supporting open immigration which means it is not in compliance with U.S. law. As such, it has lost my support.

  2. How can Ms. Paynter speak for the CBF? The CBF is a network, not a denomination. I was under the naive impression that CBF staffers, including Paynter, understood that they don’t have the authority to publicly represent the fellowship on political issues. Did someone give her this CBF bullhorn to blow as loudly as she can on any issue she picks?

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  5. I am sorry to see Ms. Paynter speaking for Jesus on these important issues. We are to follow the US laws and not support global migration. Not sending any of my money to this group.

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