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Rejoicing in God’s saints throughout November

All Saints’ Day falls on November 1 of each year. On that date or on the first Sunday in November, many churches memorialize members and loved ones who have died the year prior.

In keeping with the spirit of All Saints’ Day and of Thanksgiving, below you will find daily prompts to express gratitude to God for a now-departed saint who has influenced your life.

Nov. 1: Mentored you in your profession
Nov. 2: Helped you grow in faith
Nov. 3: Gave tangible help during a difficult time
Nov. 4: Founded an institution or movement that is important to you
Nov. 5: Showed tough love
Nov. 6: Coached you as you grew in skills and confidence
Nov. 7: Led a group that was significant in your formation
Nov. 8: Treated you like a sibling
Nov. 9: Introduced you to grief by their loss
Nov. 10: Wrote something that deeply moved you
Nov. 11: Died before you could reconcile or reconnect with them
Nov. 12: Introduced you to a group/community
Nov. 13: Reminded you how to see the world like a child
Nov. 14: Advocated for you
Nov. 15: Showed you something key about yourself/your values by being your adversary
Nov. 16: Gave you a tangible object that continues to inspire you
Nov. 17: Parented or grand-parented you
Nov. 18: Governed in a way that fostered trust and cooperation
Nov. 19: Took you somewhere life-changing
Nov. 20: Made you feel seen in a time/place that you felt invisible
Nov. 21: Trusted you with difficult but important knowledge
Nov. 22: Created art that speaks to your soul
Nov. 23: Let you ask your questions
Nov. 24: Pointed out your gifts
Nov. 25: Introduced you to a hobby
Nov. 26: Prayed for you
Nov. 27: Embodied the values you aspire to
Nov. 28: Disagreed with you but still loved you
Nov. 29: Supported you emotionally through a low point
Nov. 30: Did something for others in death that they couldn’t have done in life

Download a printable PDF copy of this prayer list here.

This calendar was created in 2016 and updated in 2018 by Laura Stephens-Reed. It is re-posted here by permission.

One thought on “Rejoicing in God’s saints throughout November

  1. Thanks for this helpful prayer guide. We would like to share this resource with our congregation through our social media and handouts. Can you help us to seek permission? Thank you, Pastor Bob Lee, Huguenot Road Baptist Church, Richmond ,VA

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