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Central Seminary Celebrates Commencement and Two Endowed Faculty Chairs

The following is a press release from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship theological education partner.

May 28, 2019

Contact: Rev. Robin R. Sandbothe
Director of Seminary Relations

CBEFC_0519_0385The 117th class graduated from Central Seminary on Saturday, May 18, in the 21st Century Learning Center on the Shawnee, KS, campus. Commencement speaker, the Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL, challenged them with his address, “The Necessity of Lament in Our Broken World.”

The seminary’s board of trustees met on Thursday and Friday preceding the Commencement ceremonies. On Thursday evening they were a part of the seminary’s celebration of two newly endowed faculty chairs.

The Landreneau Guillory Chair of Biblical Studies will be funded through a gift from Rev. Angela Lowe, who earned her master of divinity degree from Central in 1999. The chair is named for her maternal grandparents, Paul and Odette Landreneau Guillory. She stated about them, “I will always be grateful to my Mama and Papa for their exemplary faith, steadfast courage, and genuine love for their family, friends, and neighbors.”

The second chair, The Dianne C. Shumaker Chair of Peace and Justice, will be funded through a gift from friend of the seminary, Dianne C. Shumaker, who previously provided funds for the Shumaker Library on the Central campus in Shawnee, KS, and has helped to support the seminary’s Women’s Leadership Initiative.

Said Shumaker, “I delight in supporting Central’s forward-looking programs and missions. My relationship with the Seminary is what God wants. I feel blessed that I can be a contributor to this greater good.”

These two legacy gifts will help to ensure the seminary’s mission to prepare women and men for seeking God, shaping Church, and serving humanity and all creation.

About Central Baptist Theological Seminary

Founded in 1901, Central Seminary is proud to have the first woman president of a Baptist seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). With course offerings in a dozen locations and serving more than 30 Christian denominations, the seminary is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in practice.  Central has been named one of the top 12 fastest growing theological schools in the ATS. In addition, The Auburn Center for Theological Education identifies Central as one of the “Bright Spots of Theological Education,” a place where risk has met with success.  For more information, visit




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