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Baptist Seminary of Kentucky announces scholarship for American Descendants of Slavery

The following is a press release from Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship theological education partner.

Louisville, KY – During May 2019 commencement at Simmons College of Kentucky, the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky (BSK) announced a new scholarship for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS).

The scholarship, named the “Kevin and Barnetta Seminary Scholarship for ADOS,” provides 10 incoming students per year with full tuition to pursue a graduate degree with BSK. For each entering class of 10 “Cosby Scholars” the scholarship is worth over $330,000. Applications are open now for Fall 2019 admission.

“This may be the first scholarship set aside exclusively for ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) in history. It demonstrates BSK’s commitment to racial justice which can lead to authentic racial reconciliation,” explained Dr. Kevin Cosby, president of Simmons College of Kentucky.

Rev. Jason Crosby, minister at Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville and a member of Empower West, explained the significance of the scholarship, “I applaud BSK for creating the Cosby Scholarship for ADOS students. White religious institutions that perpetuate racist theologies for centuries played a prominent role in creating the racial wealth gap we see today. Through this act, BSK is leading the way in showing institutions what repairing the problem entails.”

“Racial justice is a key commitment for BSK,” said Dr. David Cassady, president of BSK, “and reconciliation is not possible until repair is begun. We are excited to play a role in forming ADOS students as they follow God’s call to ministry.”

Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville is the home to one of BSK’s two locations, with the other location at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky. BSK began offering the full Master of Divinity degree at the Simmons College campus in 2018.

The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is focused on forming creative leaders for ministry in a rapidly changing world. The seminary’s areas of emphasis include women in ministry, racial justice, rural ministry and pastoral care. BSK is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

For more information, visit or contact:
Jessalynn Cornett

2 thoughts on “Baptist Seminary of Kentucky announces scholarship for American Descendants of Slavery

  1. +My name is Alvena J. Smith; I’m a 62 year old African/American female that is applying for Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. I pastor a small church in the westend of Louisville, Ky that is in need of spiritual transformation. I am needing the education to help make this much needed transformation possible. I read about the Kevin and Barnetta ADOS scholarship and would like to apply. Will you please send me the information for me to this. Thank you so much.

  2. Praises be to BSK for having the moral courage to do what my alma mater, SBTS, refuses to do!! “Let justice roll down like waters!”

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