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CBF Familia responds to Atlanta shootings

The Latino Network of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship speaks out against the events of persistent violence and discrimination against the Asian community in the United States.

When we read the Bible we realize that the God who revealed Himself and made Himself present in our world in the person of Jesus Christ is the God of life and not of death. The God who is present and who stands in solidarity with those who suffer injustice, violence, oppression, abuse, discrimination and mistreatment.

This week we have been shocked again by another incident of discrimination, harassment and violence. This time against the Asian community. This incident not only constitutes as an aberration against the God of life, but it is also alarming for the millions of immigrants who have made this country our country. Similarly, during the events of El Paso, Texas, in August 2019 many of us wondered, especially those of color and with facial features different from Anglo-Saxons, or those with thick accents, “And when will it be my turn? When will I, or my people, be the next victim of that kind of discrimination and evil?”

Those should not be the thoughts that go through the head of any human being. No one should live that way and that is not what God created us for. Moreover, the truth is that it was not for this that this great country opened its doors to us, and much less was it the reason that our Asian siblings, like us as Hispanics, decided to emigrate and become citizens of this grand nation. Many of us came to flee from the oppression and dangers that we experienced in our own countries, not to be oppressed, and much less to be assassinated here, but to find a new opportunity for life, for peace and well-being.

Therefore, in the face of the events of discrimination and violence that have come to light in great volume and even those that have happened in the three different massage parlors in Atlanta, Ga., this week, the leadership of the CBF Latino Network declares that it stands in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters. We join their pain, we condemn these acts as sin before the God of life, and we renew our commitment to racial justice. We are praying for Elcías Hernandez-Ortiz, who is in critical condition as a result of this assault and for the families affected by this terrible trauma.

May the God of life strengthen you, comfort you and give you his peace!

Rev. Anyra Cano-Valencia
Rev. Juan García

On behalf of the Facilitating Team of the Latino Network of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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