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God’s impeccable timing

By Eddie Aldape

One of the many things I love about CBF is our willingness to form partnerships with other ministries. 

In our work, we have personally been involved in several ministry opportunities which enabled us to successfully accomplish great things. There are some instances when outsiders might not consider them great; but to the person being helped, it is HUGE! 

Recently, we received a WhatsApp message from a ministry partner and friend whom we met during a gathering of a network of ministry workers serving refugees and immigrants around the world. 

Together, along with others, we learn how to better serve these communities and share resources. This particular message pertained to a young girl from Uzbekistan who is studying in our city in Spain. Her father, who was a pastor, die about two months ago from Covid-19. A friend of his attended a conference where he met someone who knew our friend and our friend contacted us in the small town of Spain. 

It’s amazing how God works with impeccable timing.  When we made contact with this student, she was so happy. She had been having a difficult day and was feeling lonely and sad when our call reached her.

On another instance, we were finishing language classes when one student approached us and apologized to us for being distracted during class. She proceeded to tell us, with tears in her eyes, that her sister, who lived back in her country, was being beaten by her husband and that he was threatening to kill her. She showed us pictures and started crying, not knowing what to do. We prayed for her and her sister and immediately, God placed names in our minds of people in that country who rescue women in that type of situation. We were able to contact them and they rescued our student’s sister. 

We too have benefited from our network of ministry workers. After leaving India, we went to Thailand and were staying in a Christian guest house. It was inexpensive for a few days, but for long term it became expensive. 

After talking with some new friends, we met at the guest house where they spoke with others and, after a week, we were offered an apartment whose owners were going to be away for some time and needed someone to watch their place. 

We had a place to stay and had to pay only the utilities; and they were able to go without having to worry about their place.

They say God works in mysterious ways. But I think God has been telling us all along: Things are much better when we work together. A strand of three is stronger. Thank you, CBF, for allowing us to work with others.

Eddie Aldape and his wife, Macarena, serve as Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel ministering to immigrants and students in Albacete, Spain. 

The CBF Offering for Global Missions makes possible the long-term presence of CBF field personnel like Cindy. Give online today at http://www.cbf.net/OGM.

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