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Emmanuel – God With Us!

By Jiquan Davis

O come, o come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the son of God appears
Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, o Israel.

When the Hebrew people where in captivity they were hoping and waiting for someone, like a king, to come and save them and for God to be with them again. 

Emmanuel, God with us, gave them hope to have God’s protection in the times to come as was told to them by the prophets of their time and the past. In Isaiah 7, the prophet is talking to the king of Judah, who thinks that his Kingdom is going to be destroyed by the Babylonians and that he will not see God’s protection on his people. 

Jiquan Davis

So, the Prophet Isaiah tells the King that there will be a child born in the kingdom. Some biblical scholars say that the child was the King’s child or in the blood line of the King, and that the child will see Judah stand and grow up safely in the Kingdom of Judah and this gives the King hope and peace and he know that God was with him and his people. 

Then jump nearly 700 years later, and Matthew says that the prophet Isaiah was telling the King of Judah about the birth of Jesus. With the kingdom of Judah still standing, Jesus is the peace that the king had hoped for, when Isaiah told the king that Judah would not fall to the Babylonians. 

In the Christian faith, we believe that the prophet Isaiah was talking about Jesus and how he was coming to save the people of Israel from the horrible situations and conditions they were in. This shifted to also believe that Jesus was coming to die for our sins. 

In the time leading up to Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus as a prophecy coming true, but we should also look at the birth of Jesus as God’s protection coming to be with us in human form. That should give us hope and peace to know that God is with us in human form and in spirit. 

As celebrate Jesus coming into the world, lets us remember to be happy and share the hope we have in the Birth of Jesus with others, so that they too can have hope in Jesus. 

What are ways you feel God’s protection in your daily life? What is the hope that Jesus Brings into your life? 

Let us pray together today. 

Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for the love and the Protection You give us each and every day. We also thank you for the hope you give us through Your son, Jesus Christ. As we walk through our lives each day, we pray that you will lets us feel that You are with us. Amen! 

Jiquan Davis is a CBF Leadership Scholar pursuing a Master of Divinity in pastoral studies from Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity. He serves as a campus ministry inter with CBFNC at Western Carolina University, University of North Carolina Asheville, and Mars Hill University. 

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