New CBF resource encourages ‘Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus’

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus is a new resource from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship that calls us back to the central focus of our Christian faith—the Risen and Living Jesus! 

This new video and digital curriculum resource invites congregations into deeper faithfulness with each other, equips congregations to offer a bold and positive witness to the risen Jesus, and transforms us individually and corporately while we co-labor with God to transform the world. 

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus has been developed with opportunities for people of all ages, so that a whole congregation can experience this journey together. This resource includes an 8-session video series for adults and the digital curriculum comes in age-graded formats for adults, youth and children. An eight-week individual study guide and worship resources are also available. 

CBF Executive Coordinator Paul Baxley invited congregations to consider using Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus “in the ways that best meet the needs and unique personality of your church family, and at a time that works best for you.”

“In these difficult and challenging times, it is incredibly important that Christ be our focus, and that we allow Christ to form the ways we think, feel and act until we are invited into closer relationship with him, equipped for an even bolder faithfulness, and become agents of Jesus’ transformation of our communities and the world,” Baxley said. 

“My hope and prayer is that as you study Scripture, share holy conversations and prayer, and worship together, you will come to see Jesus more clearly, to recognize all the ways he is seeing you, so that you see him, one another and your community even more faithfully,” Baxley said. 

Learn more and access Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus resource at

For questions and inquiries, please contact CBF Communications Director and Curriculum Editor Aaron Weaver at

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