Student.Go / Missions

Catalyst into ministry

By Taisha Seabolt

When I was first introduced to CBF in the fall of 2003 as a seminary student at McAfee School of Theology, I was intrigued about this organization because I had never heard of it. In the summer of 2004, when I saw firsthand the impact of CBF Global Missions field personnel Butch and Nell Green while I visited Brussels, Belgium. I immediately wanted to serve with Student.Go!

The following summer in 2005, God provided me the opportunity to work alongside CBF Global Missions field personnel Lita and Rick Sample in Fremont, California among Internationals, namely Afghan and Iranian refugees. What a joy it was for me to meet such amazing people and to share the love of Christ by building relationships with these very special people who touched my heart.

Even though it has been almost 20 years since serving as a Student.Goer, I am still impacted by the families I met in California. The love they gave me was unforgettable as they welcomed me into their lives and into their families. I stayed in contact with many of them for years, and even visited my “Afghan family” years after I served. From Bibigul to Sultan to Habiba (and so many more), I do not doubt that they blessed me more than they even know.

My next experience with the Student.Go program brings me to my hometown of Brooklyn, New York. As I was called to leave one home and return to another, my time as a GSCer at Greater Restoration Baptist Church (GRBC) gave me the chance to give back to the program that has meant so much to me and my calling. Serving as a Student.Go site supervisor was special. With the help of the Student.Go program, I was blessed to get Katherine and Krista who served with me my first summer as the CLUE Camp director at GRBC. Tori joined us the following summer. I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with these amazing ladies.

As my camp coordinators, these Student.Goers who served in Brooklyn impacted me in so many ways. We had upwards of over 100 campers some days throughout the summer! Their enthusiasm, energy and love of Christ were contagious, and they reminded me of my own times as a Student.Goer. As I had the pleasure of working with children and youth during my tenure as a Student.Go site supervisor, the pictures of those young people whose faces shone brightly with hopes of a better tomorrow reinforced my love of mission work and the great calling we are all called to be a part of!

Through my work as manager of the Student.Go program, it has been an honor and blessing to have the opportunity to walk with students, to expose them to the great work of CBF, and to show them how they can find a home in CBF. When I joined the CBF staff in 2015 in Global Missions, and then started managing Student.Go in 2017, it was like I had come full circle—I started out as a student in the Student.Go program, then served as a supervisor, and finally was blessed to manage the program that had so greatly impacted me and changed my life’s trajectory. I have many wonderful memories of Student.Goers throughout my almost eight years on staff at CBF and I continue to keep up with many of them. From the Student.Go alumni who are presently serving in ministry, to alums who are fulfilling their call in government and/or secular careers, Student.Go has been a catalyst for those who serve in the program. Through Student.Go, Jesus continues to inspire, and as we celebrate 20 years of Student.Go, I am so glad that I have been blessed to be a part of it!

Taisha Seabolt served the summer of 2005 in Fremont, California with CBF field personnel Lita and Rick Sample. She also served as a Student.Go site supervisor in Brooklyn, New York in 2007 and 2008, as a CBF Global Service Corps field personnel (GSCer) at Greater Restoration Baptist Church. She worked as manager of the Student.Go program from 2017-2023.

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