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Being Easter people in the interfaith environment

I sometimes preach a sermon entitled “The Four Little Candles.” The author of the original story is unknown. In it I tell the story of four little candles that were burning softly and quietly.  Listening closely you can hear them speak. The first little candle is peace. Lamenting that the world no longer wants to … Continue reading

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Being Missional or Doing Missional?

It was a different kind of mission trip. We hosted a group of 25 college students and their leaders for a week here in Houston, TX. No houses were built. No vacation Bible schools took place. No sports camps with inner city youth filled city parks. Those are all valid ways to engage.  This experience … Continue reading

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Hijab is not for me, but it is for her.

We have ministered among Muslim peoples for twenty-five years.  Upon arriving in Texas we set about to learn the context of Islam here. Make no mistake, the way we practice faith, whether Christianity or Islam, is affected by cultural context. So we set out to visit area mosques and visit places frequented by Muslims. For … Continue reading