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Webinar: Women in Islam with Dr. Dina Abdelrahman and Mrs. Eman Zenhom

One of the best parts of being in different churches is hearing all the myriad of ways that God is using his children to demonstrate his love to the nations. Recently I heard the story of a young woman, an International student, who was taken in by a family while she awaited the birth of her child. Alone and alienated in the US, in the midst of difficult circumstances, this young woman from another country needed someone to walk alongside her on the difficult journey. This family did, all the way through the birth of her son, even hosting a naming ceremony for the child when he was a week old. This is love. This is being the presence of Christ.

It is not always easy to reach across cultural and linguistic boundaries and reach out to our neighbors. These are skills that are acquired through learning and practice. The Internationals Cluster is offering an opportunity for you to do just that. On Wednesday March 21st at 6:30 p.m. EST and then again at 6:30 CST a webinar on Women in Islam will be offered. Dr. Dina Abdelrahman from Egypt now living in Clear Lake (Friendswood), Texas will share her perspective on being a woman and a follower of Islam. Dr. Abdelrahman is the mother of six children ranging in age from two to fourteen years. A physician, she has chosen not to practice at this time due to family responsibilities. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology and helping her husband in his cardiology practice as office manager. Dr. Abdelrahman will be joined by Eman Zenhom, a mother of three, an educator with a master’s in education (focus on early childhood) , born & raised in the US and also of Egyptian heritage currently residing in Clear Lake.

After a 30 minute presentation on women in Islam, these women will field questions from participants. Come prepared to have stereotypes challenged as you meet these two engaging women.

If you would like to participate in this event please email Nell Green at or indicate your participation on the facebook event. You will receive information necessary to log in and an opportunity for a practice session if you are not familiar with the technology.

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