General CBF


Their little arms were raised in the air. They wanted nothing more than to be held by us. They pulled at our pant legs if we did not see them below us. They cried out wanting to be lifted up to touch the mobiles hanging from the ceilings. They were reaching skyward for love.

We rounded the corner into a room full of cradles and beautiful Ethiopian children at the Sisters of Charity for Hope Orphanage in Addis Ababa. I was among the last of our group to enter the room. I remember seeing a flood of children come racing toward us low to the ground. They were raising their arms in the air to express their desire to be lifted up to play with the toys and mobiles that hung around the room.

Even with so many arms and hands to pick them up, there were still more left roaming the floor looking for a free pair of arms. These children, most living with HIV/AIDS, wanted so badly to be able to just play and live like others their age.

As we continue to serve Christ by way of the MDGs, let us remember children not only in Ethiopia, but in our own churches touch every single goal on the list in some form.

Too many children in our world lack the love of a mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather. We must lift them up so that they may know the One who delights in their play and will never put them down. Let us teach these little children of all colors in all places to continue reaching skyward for love.

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