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Grateful for Volunteer Feedback- Grand Goave, Haiti


In January 2011, Deborah Carter took her team from the First Congregational Church in Hanover, MA to do medical work and construction work with the Haiti Housing Network site in Grand Goâve. She has been to Haiti several times and she loves meeting other groups, worshiping with them, interacting and working with the Haitians, and learning the languages spoken in Haiti– Creole and French. I work as the Haiti Ministry Assistant and help facilitate volunteers like Deborah in their endeavors to serve God in Haiti. I was so grateful when Deborah shared with me a plethora of photographs her team took throughout the week. In these photographs, I can

Rubble House Construction

see more clearly the process for constructing a rubble house. The photos of the children in Haiti also showed me how volunteers are in for a treat when welcomed by their bright eyes, big smiles, and playfulness.

Please look through these photos and share with me in marveling at the good work going on in Haiti and pray for the citizens of this country. Their entire album can be viewed by following this link.

One thought on “Grateful for Volunteer Feedback- Grand Goave, Haiti

  1. Seeing these pictures made me remember fondly our trip to GGoave in April. So many things were similar. The children were everywhere, as they were for our trip. Thank you for sharing them. Sure did make me want to go back-which I will soon, I hope.

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