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A Good Word on the Offering for Global Missions

I’ ve been celebrating over the last couple of days with the good news that receipts for the CBF Offering for Global Missions doubled in the month of July over the same month last year. This is a significant development, especially as July was the second month in a row that we have seen a positive trend in the Offering. I am grateful to churches and individuals out there who care about what our field personnel are doing around the world and who have risen to the challenge of keeping our promises to the most neglected through mission and ministry. I want to also say a word of thanks to the good folks of North Carolina CBF who provided a $100,000 matching gift and challenged the churches of North Carolina to meet the challenge (which I am glad to say they did!).

The CBF Offering for Global Missions supports the work of all of our field personnel, both those who are fully funded and those who are self-funded. Our self-funded personnel receive Member Care support, technological support, and partial travel to team meetings. Those who are self-funded employees of CBF receive employee health insurance as well. Obviously, I want to remind you that our self-funded field personnel are responsible for raising their own support in other areas.

We still have a long way to go, and you can help by giving online now. At the moment, we are some 17% behind meeting the full Offering goal for the year. But we have made significant progress. And we couldn’t do it without your help! On behalf of field personnel around the world, I offer a huge “Thank you!”

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