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Advocacy Action Team: Immigration Updates

By CBF Advocacy

A Critical Time to Advocate for DREAMers Continues.

On September 5, President Trump is expected to make a decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Advocacy coalitions including Bread for the World, National Immigration Law Center and the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas are calling on Cooperative Baptists to make their voices heard now, before September 5, to protect DACA. Use this resource to better understand the implications of a DACA rescension. The CBF Advocacy Action Team asks that you join the National Immigration Law Center in their efforts to protect and continue DACA. Please visit for instructions as to whom to contact in congress and how you may do so.

As the August congressional recess comes to an end, and DACA is under immediate threat, our advocacy efforts for long-term solutions on behalf of DREAMers (those who were brought to the U.S. as children without documentation with a possible pathway to citizenship) need to continue. We ask that pastors and lay leaders across the Fellowship continue to contact and, if possible, make a visit to their senators and representatives in support of the bipartisan DREAM Act (S. 1615 and H.R. 3440).

In other telling action, on August 25, President Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who was voted out of office in 2016 and was convicted in July of criminal contempt-of-court for continuing civil rights violations. Advocates believe this pardon sends a message of racism to immigrants and minorities.

One thought on “Advocacy Action Team: Immigration Updates

  1. “The CBF Advocacy Action Team asks that you join the National Immigration Law Center in their efforts to protect and continue DACA.”

    Really? So is CBF meaning to advocate for illegal and unconstitutional policies? That doesn’t give your organization a great deal of credibility. Even if the President does not rescind the policy it is likely the Courts will because the order is completely contrary to law – it is unconstitutional for the Executive to enact policies that the law specifically does not allow. If you would instead advocate for Congress to pass a law protecting these kids instead of supporting the blatantly illegal and unconstitutional DACA that would be worthy of great respect – supporting a policy without regard to our system of government as you unfortunately seem to be doing does not. It also doesn’t offer your position any protection – without a statute, the policy can be whisked away by the stroke of a pen. The prior President repeatedly admitted he didn’t have the authority to enact such a policy, yet did it anyway – do you really think that is appropriate?

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