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Hope during hardship: Pray and provide for Syria today

By CBF field personnel Janee Angel

In 2010, the thought of war in Syria was the furthest thing from everyone’s mind. I remember my husband Hary telling me what a safe and wonderful place his home country was. It was a beautiful tourist destination with great food and smiling locals. Muslims and Christians happily lived side-by-side, and the currency was sitting at just over 46 Syrian Pounds to 1 U.S. dollar. 

The never-ending war began in March 2011 and is still ongoing as of January 2023. Over the years of conflict and violence, the wealthiest people found an easier escape and resettled in various locations across the world. The people who were left behind were those who were already struggling the most.

Over the holiday, we visited with a newly married Syrian couple who recently visited their home country. They told of the constant struggle to live. Those who have businesses no longer have the means to buy the supplies to maintain work. In the cold of the winter, the price of gas to heat homes has increased so much that people can only afford the gas to provide one month during the entire winter. Already, most homes only heat a small bedroom, and the family gathers around that small space to eat and sleep. You are blessed if the electricity comes on for one hour every five days while hoping that you still have running water. In January 2023 the Syrian Pound declined again in value from 3,015 to the U.S. dollar to 4,522 to the U.S. dollar making “normal” life next to impossible. 

As you can imagine, when physical life dries up, spiritual life also struggles. The faith of the Christian community is hit hard. Even the Muslims are losing faith since the war pits Islam against itself.

Enter…hope. A few years ago, during the height of the COVID pandemic, we were part of a new organization of Christian Syrians living outside their home country. We wanted to provide hope in a dark season to the Syrian community who remained. We pooled financial resources together each month to support over 10 in-country ministers to encourage and revive the tired Church. The organization is based out of the Netherlands and called Mustard Seed. 

Our hope is the church will be able to accept encouragement and grow with mustard seed sized faith left in a time of crisis. In April of 2022, when Hary went to Syria to support the encouragers, he was able to lead over 100 people to the Lord. People from other faith backgrounds chose Jesus. 

We continue to provide resources and support for the encouragers. Pray that their light will fan the flame of the church. With the news in January of the cost of living making life as hard as it has ever been, pray to the God of provision to do just that: provide for their every need.

Janee and husband Hary Angel serve as CBF Field Personnel in Antwerp, Belgium. Click here to learn more about their work. In the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey, we ask for your prayers and financial support to serve the suffering. Click here to donate to the CBF Earthquake Response.

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